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Politics News

» Robert Amsterdam: Xenophobic Nationalism Clouds Hungary's Elections

On March 15th, tens of thousands of people filled the streets of Hungary's beautiful capital Budapest, ostensibly to celebrate the 162nd anniversary of the 1848-1948 revolution and war of independence.

» La Verne conductor prepares church choir for concert tour of her Hungarian homeland

Nike St. Clair passionately defines what music is to her and can be for people of diverse persuasions.

» Legendary Hungarian Fencer Aladar Gerevich's 100th birthday celebrated

Gyorgy Gerevich and Pal Gerevich pose besides the statue of Aladar Gerevich on the celebration marking the 100th birthday of the legendary Hungarian Fencer in the National Sports Hall in Budapest, Hungary, March 26, 2010.

» Domingo returns after cancer, singing privately

Placido Domingo says he is still tender following surgery to remove a cancerous polyp from his colon, but he has returned to work and resumed singing in private - and plans to be back on stage in a couple weeks.

» Rise of Conservative right alarming Hungary's Jews

Hungary banned the Hungarian Guard, a paramilitary organization pictured here and affiliated with the far-right Jobbik party, in 2009.

» From Poland to Hungary, Gazprom takes stealth route to domination

Last week's square-off over gas supplies to Ukraine comes against a pattern of moves in which Gazprom and other Russian energy firms have sought to extend their influence by trying, secretly, to secure control of Central European oil and gas compa ...

» Pilot shares air-to-ground support experiences with Hungarian Air Force

Capt. Jozsef Jonas, 75th Fighter Squadron executive officer, poses here in February on top of a Mig-29 Fulcrum in on KecskemA©t Air Base, Hungary.

» Hungarian official suspended over Israeli military exercise

The head of the air transport division of Hungary's National Transport Authority has been suspended over an Israeli military exercise in Hungarian airspace, Transport Minister Peter Honig said on Wednesday.

» Hungarian Guard prevents Roma from attending Jobbik party meetings

Hungarian Guard prevents Roma from attending Jobbik party meetings Budapest, 22.3.2010, 14:02, The TASR Agency reports that uniformed members of the banned Hungarian Guard have prevented about 10 local Roma from attending a meeting of the neo-fasc ...

» Hungary to hold talks on Kyoto offset sales

Hungary will hold talks this week over the potential sale of more Kyoto carbon offsets, the Hungarian environment ministry said on Monday.

» Hungary, Serbia sign defense deal

Serbian and Hungarian defense ministers Dragan Sutanovac and Imre Szekeres signed a defense cooperation agreement in Belgrade on Monday.

» Hungary's sale of 'used' CO2 credits worries carbon traders

Hungary's sale of 'used' carbon credits - or 'hot air' as environmentalists call them - had harmed the reputation of cap and trade, an industry lobby said on Friday , but analysts expected little price impact.

» Rubik's Cube Still Confounds At 30

It has been 30 years since one of the world's great puzzles came to this country.

» Leipzig Book Fair opens with prize for Hungarian author

The Leipzig book fair opened to the public yesterday, after Hungarian-born historian Gyorgy Dalos received an award for promoting understanding between Europeans through his work.

» Will pharmacy chains take advantage of independent pharmacies in Hungary?

Dr Frigyes Kovacs, the Chairman of the County of Heves Pharmacy Chamber, believes that pharmacy chains in Hungary will take advantage of small independent pharmacies after the government has withdrawn non-repayable subsidies for these in rural are ...