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Arriba Taqueria – Fresh and Delicious Mexican Food in Budapest

In Spanish “taqueria” means “taco shop” and “Arriba” is an exclamation much like “Eureka!” two words that bring the Mexican-food taco concept honestly and enthusiastically to the tables of but two Arriba Taquerias in the city of Budapest.

Arriba Taqueria, for Mexican, food- lover enthusiasts and all those interested in the authentic taste and flavor of Mexico. Consistent quality of both food and service, Arriba Taqueria serves customers both in-store and for delivery. Turn up the heat and sweet of life with chipotle chilies and strawberry daiquiris with the zing of lime and the haunting sounds of a Mariachi band to light memories and imaginings of Mexico.

Bringing the feel and taste of Mexico successfully to fruition to Budapest, Hungary, Arriba Taqueria serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a hip atmosphere teeming with the best Mexican flavors in a casual, dining experience.

Starting with the food, diners will want for nothing with an inventive appetizer selection from “Jalapeño Poppers” and “Taquitos” to healthy salads, one in particular, made with a generous portion of avocado and with a cilantro-infused salad dressing served on the side.

From beer-battered fish tacos with cilantro and lime to build your own burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, (made with either corn or flour tortillas) choose also from a variety of freshly made green and red salsas from mild to hot, hot, hot! Select at the counter all the fillings of your choice for your menu item with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cheese, sour cream, Pico de Gallo, onions, lime, cilantro and even guacamole.

All beef and chicken is marinated overnight and is charcoal grilled from the thinly-sliced beef used in the famed “Carne Asada” to the fresh and flavorful chunks of chicken. Two of the most traditional Mexican meat dishes are “Carnitas” and “Machaca”. Arriba’s version of “Carnitas” is made with pork shoulder that has been marinated in spices and slow roasted for 5 hours until the meat is juicy and tender. “Machaca” is made from beef in the same way, marinated, slow roasted and shredded to go in as filling in a burrito, taco, or quesadilla. Carnitas go well with tomatillo salsa and/or the spicy smoky Chipotle.

Arriba also offers a wonderful selection of Mexican beers that can be served with salt and lime as they traditionally are sold in Mexico. These Mexican imported beers are new to Hungary because of the Arriba Taquerias. Try Mexican specialty beers like: “Tecate,” “Dos Equis,” “Negra Modelo,” “Coronita,” also known as “Corona,” and of course don’t forget the frozen margaritas in either original or strawberry flavor.

On the menu at Arriba, the “fresh water” Mexican drink called “Horchata” is also available and is made with white rice, vanilla, cream and cinnamon. It’s a deliciously sweet treat and along with “Horchata” Arriba offers a few other sweet menu choices like fried cinnamon crisps, ice cream, and an apple “Chimichanga” which is like a fried ice cream but with an apple pie filling instead.  

With two restaurants, one in the city-center on the Teréz kӧrút near Octogon and another in Buda across from the Mamut shopping center, Arriba Taqueria offer traditional Mexican food on both sides of Pest and Buda.

For breakfast come in and try some of the best coffee in town from espresso to lattes and cappuccinos, all made with Fair Trade Coffee from Treehugger Dan’s Bookshop. The coffee is made with a blend of 45% Robusto and 55% Arabica beans from Peru and Tanzania. Rise and shine not only with a great cup of Joe, but with a “Chorizo” breakfast burrito. “Chorizo” is a Mexican-style meat made from ground pork infused with a generous amount of tongue-warming spices and the size or their burritos is enough to curb any voracious appetite after a night of fasting. Start the morning with some heat and caffeine or at any given time of the day. “Chorizo” breakfast burritos also go well with the cool, smooth, and creamy sensation of sour cream. Order breakfast burritos with other ingredients too like scrambled eggs, crispy, diced potatoes, and cheese to name a few when coming up to the counter to order.

For those “veggie” people out there, Arriba serves all their Mexican meals also meat-free with a vegetable substitute of peppers and onions sautéed and slightly crisp to add to all burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. 

Arriba is dedicated to using eco-friendly business practices and serves many of its food choices in bio-degradable cups, bags, and containers that can be recycled within the store in special receptacles. Arriba also uses Fair Trade coffee ensuring that the price paid to the producers of the coffee, the small farmers, reflects the work they do.

Arriba Taqueria, open every day, 11:00-24:00

Arriba Group Ltd.
1067 Budapest
Teréz kӧrút 25. (near Octogon)
Telephone: +36-1-374-0057
Fax: +36-1-373-0867

Arriba Group Buda Ltd.
1015 Budapest,
Széna tér 1/A.
(Across from Mamut, corner of Ostrom st.)
Tel: +36-1-201-3395
Fax: 36-1-373-0867

Arriba accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express. Ordering online is easy as well just go to the Arriba Taqueria website. Just go to and register and simply click and add foods to your cart for quick and easy delivery.

Check the website for home delivery specials with 20% discounts each day of the week from 2 to 6 pm on various menu items. Follow Arriba on Facebook and Twitter.

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