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» Magyar Lanyok
One of the main advantages of living in Hungary is the beautiful women, but it is unclear what it is that makes them so alluring. Could it be some sort of "hybrid vigor” brought about by all of the empires that have stormed through here through the ages?
» Talking and Not Talking
When trying to learn a new language, take into consideration the fact that most people who are speaking the same language often don't understand each other either, so try not to be too hard on yourself.
» The Chinese Market
» Hungarian-English, Visual Dictionary: Vegetables
Learn Hungarian with a few words at a time with pictures to help you to remember.These are common vegetables and their names in Hungarian and English.
» Words and Meanings
Not only do different cultures have different languages, but even words themselves mean different things based on the connotations of those words. It's important to take into account the differences not only in languages, but also in words.
» Does Not Translate: Pepperoni
Pepperoni is something different in Hungarian than in English, be sure you know the difference before it's too late and you are having to rate your pain via the Scoville scale.
» Sziget Festival: Not 'Quite' as Radical as Western European Youth Culture
» Culture Shock; The Extended Release
Culture shock has many different forms, this article tells of the kind of culture shock that takes a bit of time to rear its ugly head, so when it does, be sure and be prepared for it!
» The Shelf System: How Plumbing Differs in Hungary
Toilets, I know, not a pleasant topic to spend too much time dancing around the tables with, but this is raw, practical advice here because toilets as we know, and as much as we hate them, have a definate role in our lives in the contemporary world.
» Museums to Enjoy in Budapest
Explore a variety of museums in Budapest from Fine Art to Contemporary Art or from historical societies to famous landmarks in Hungary and everything in between. Scout out all the local art and relics in Budapest with enough places to go to suffice every kind of culture seeker interested in past history to the far-reaching future of space exploration.
» Applying for a Visa
The proper visa should be applied for from your country of residence well in advance of your departure. This permission can be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the country you wish to move to.
» Immigration Plan B:Getting Married
After everything else fails, most long-term expatriates wind up getting married to secure permanent residence.
» Is Living Abroad Right for You?
I would recommend traveling and living abroad for anyone. I think it is almost always a positive experience to see the world in a new light and to meet people who view the world in a different way.
» An Entrepreneur Abroad
One way to fill a niche and ingratiate yourself to your new host government (or should I say new parasite government) is to start a business there.
» Moving Abroad, First-Timer
So you want to move abroad? Immigrating to another country is a difficult and complicated process for nearly everyone.
» TOP-5 Restaurants in Budapest
5 Spectacular Dining Experiences to try in Budapest, Hungary, for the love of food, fine wine and celebrate all five-senses in this unique land of wonder.
» Expat in Hungary
Time sure does fly. I’ve been living in Budapest, Hungary since 2001 and have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly that the country has to offer.
» 3 Main Events at Buda Castle--Budapest
Buda Castle, once known as the Royal Palace, was built with Gothic, Renaissance and Art Noveu elements throughout the centuries...
» American Musicians Coming to Budapest
Of the great variety of American Musicians coming to Budapest, a few particular artists stand out in the limelight.
» What an American Expat Pines for Abroad
Far across the Atlantic and land-locked in the center of Europe, in Budapest, Hungary, there are certain items, places and familiar scenes I miss from America...

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