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» Is all fair in love and porn?
Goulash isn't the only recipe cooking in the kettle in Hungary, porn and prostitution are a regular component of modern Hungarian culture and life. Budapest is considered one of the capitals of pornography and they have some of the most beautiful women in the world to prove it.
» Keeping up with the times
Hungary is more progressive than one American thinks, and yes, Hungarians do drive cars for the most part and don't drive mule carts.
» Customer service lotto
Take a number, please, in Hungary you may be waiting a while, in fact, you may not even be in the right line.
» Stag shows in Budapest--goulash and girls
For those planning a Stag Show, Budapest is an ideal spot for many UK travelers to venture to for the weekend. Many services are available to accomodate all stag night needs from travel to entertainment, food, drinks and where to stay plus prices are reasonable and include many added features.
» Where have all the Ladas gone?
A common car on the streets of Hungary, the Lada is hard to find but is not so far in the memories of the people who once drove them. Modern cars have taken over the older generations of cars that once reigned supreme during the communist era of Hungary.
» On manners: Part One
An honest look at which you'd rather prefer, the candy-coated falsity of American flattery or the normal indifferent mannerisms of the modern day Hungarian.
» Instead of Halloween, Hungarians head to the cemeteries for All Soul's Day
Unlike the fun parade that is American Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Soul's Day in Hungary are holidays that address the dead in a rather different way.
» Don't get carried away by the Hungarians sweeping Hollywood
Hollywood is a definate destination for many Hungarians who have pursued a career in acting, here are a few of them.
» Getting fed in Budapest for one euro
Try out a meat byproduct that is much like bologna for a cheap meal in Hungary and add a roll and eat for less than one euro.
» Pictures of Buda Castle
Photos taken of the Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary.
» October 6th in Hungary, the 1848-1849 Freedom Fight
It was a day to go down in the Hungarian history books, the 1848-1849 Freedom Fight and Revolution and the day 13 Hungarian generals were executed by the Hapsbursb rule. Louis Kossuth died as well, the first prime minister of Hungary.
» Day trips from Budapest: Esztergom
Estergom is a country town in Hungary not far from Budapest. It is a trip worth seeing with an ancient cathedral and castle and is accessible through the Pilas Mountains.
» Graffiti: Budapest's Manmade Scars
Graffiti is widespread in Hungary with very little purpose behind it except to cheapen the surfaces it defaces. It is a problem that under communist rule received little to no attention unlike today.
» Basic Hungarian Lingo
Learn a few Hungarian words and phrases to get by. It's basic Hungarian for all you beginners.
» Whose Face, Which Forint?
Test your knowledge of the famous forint faces and learn a few things about who you pass from hand to hand, day in and day out in Hungary. Is it a king, a count, or a prince, maybe all three?
» Getting Fed in Budapest for 2 or 3 Euros: Turkish Restaurants
The Turks may not occupy Hungary anymore but they do occupy some space on the restaurant circuit. Plus, eating Turkish food is a cheap cuisine to gorge on and so a taste of the past remains.
» The Spice and Character of Food in Hungary
Food is definately reason to celebrate in Hungary, from Chicken Paprika to the famous Strudel, Hungarians like to eat and eat well. Delve into the bottom of a bowl of Goulash or drink some Palinka, you are now in Hungary-enjoy!
» Another Ball at the Buda Castle, Oh My!
Palinka and Sausage is another reason to head out to the castle this October in Budapest. Join the food and fun for another gastronomical adventure in Hungary.
» Guns vs. Puskak in Hungarian Schools
Cheating in schools isn't as dangerous as it appears, 'puskak' is Hungarian for 'shotgun' but it is slang for a cheat sheet. It isn't a matter of life and death, but it is not advantageous for Hungarian students to be hiding these little papers in order to pass their exams.
» The Epic, Ben Hur, Live at the Budapest Sportarena
A show you will not forget, it's Ben Hur, live at the Budapest, Sportarena in December. Get ready for chariots instead of sleighs for Christmas and Romans instead of elves.

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