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» Does not translate: Disznóvágás
Disznóvágás is a tradition still practiced in the Hungarian countryside. As for what it actually entails, well, you know that expression about the law and sausage? Let's just say they're making sausage.
» Musical 200-forint notes
On November 16, out goes the nice green 200-forint banknote and in comes a shiny new 200-forint coin. Heavy, man...
» Hungarian healthcare, part two
As the battle rages in the US over nationalized healthcare, Scott Savoie again writes on the socialized healthcare system in Hungary.
» The Expats
A few gross generalizations regarding expatriates in Hungary, from the neat division of "professional expatriates" and "slacker expatriates" on down.
» Getting fed in Budapest in the €2 range
Pretty much what the title says: How to get cheap eats in Budapest.
» Hungarian healthcare, part one
As the battle rages in the US over nationalized healthcare, I’m here safely in Hungary with socalized care.
» Witches are real
The Hungarian word „boszorkány” comes from Turkish and means „injurious phantom.” A „witch” is defined as „a woman who has magical abilities.”
» Reading a BKV bus schedule
Finding your way around Budapest based on the BKV schedule can, at times, be a bit of a hassel so bring a map along the way just in case.
» Vampires are real
Ever since Bram Stoker created Dracula and Transylvania was a region under Hungarian rule, Hungary has always been associated with vampires. Thousands -- millions maybe -- still lurk on the Danube banks...
» The bilingual family living in Hungary
Deciding on whether or not to teach your children Hungarian? Are you living in Hungary and want to start building a bilingual family? Here are a few hints as to how.
» Swine flu: Current news in Hungary
The Swine flu is a real concern all over the world today and even in Hungary, citizens and visitors are encouraged to look into getting vaccinated as soon as possible against the A (H1N1)strain of the virus.
» Hungary: Not good at wars
Hungary doesn't have a history of victory in war and despite that fact, many of its fellow inhabitants continue to hold their heads high.
» Attention expats in Budapest with children
Here are a few ideas on what to do with children in Budapest, from restaurants to try to activities and schools, find out where to go and what to do while you are in town.
» Symbology
Dan Brown isn't the only one interested in symbology in his new book, "The Lost Symbol", take a look at one writer's outlook on the idea of symbolism and why it matters too much or not enough.
» Getting fed in Budapest: When money is no object
Do you have a few extra dollars to spend, feel like having an exclusive night out, why not check into the New York Cafe or the Four Seasons in Budapest for a fancy dinner and cocktails?
» October 23rd: A National Holiday for Hungary
The Freedom Fight of Hungary in 1956 was a bold attempt by the Hungarians to estabish solidarity away from the long arm of Soviet rule.
» The butterfly effect
Winter has finally come to Hungary, the cold wind blows through the streets of Budapest and there isn't much inhabitants can do except wait in quiet desperation for the coming Spring in 2010.
» Halloween in Budapest 2009
Here is a list of 5 different ways you may want to spend this Halloween if you are living as an Xpat in Hungary
» Hungarian is hard, part 2 (or learning "ki" words, part one)
What is all the fuss with "ki" in the Hungarian language, it pops up everywhere yet means any number of things. Learning Hungarian may not be very easy after all.
» Hungary and neighboring countries
A little information on the relationship between Hungary and its neighboring countries.

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