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» Does Not Translate: Szaloncukor
A most excellent Christmastime tradition in Hungary is the szaloncukor, a shiny foil-wrapped bit of chocolate and ... something.
» New Years Eve, 2010 in Budapest
New Years Eve is approaching amd it's time for expats living in Hungary to start making plans on how to bring in the new decade. Start 2010 either at either a New Year's Eve Opera ball or at 1 of 3 different street parties to a nightclub or a cruise on the Danube.
» Christmas and New Year in Hungary for Expats
Reflections on the differences between celebrating Christmas in Hungary versus in America.
» Christmas Cooking in Hungary
Want to cook a few common Hungarian food choices for Christmas dinner this year? Try the well-known 'Moon Cake' otherwise known as 'Mond Kuchen' in Hungarian.
» Does not translate: időmilliomos
"Időmilliomos" (lit. "time millionaire") is a uniquely Hungarian concept that it anathema to Americans who believe time equals money. Plus, maybe it's supposed to be ironic.
» Hungarian literature, anyone?
Sure, maybe you don't know how to write or read Hungarian, but that shouldn't stop expats from buying a translation or two of some noteworthy Hungarian literature by some of the most loved of all Hungarian authors.
» The Gypsy problem
It's a situation that no one in Hungary will talk about -- at least not openly and rationally: The "Gypsy problem." Can anything be done?
» Day Trips from Budapest: Szentendre
Szentendre: A bit touristy, but beautiful -- and just a nice 40-minute ride by rail from Budapest!
» Does not translate: Lángos
Lángos, a common nosh in Hungary, begs two questions: What is it? And who enjoys eating a whole serving?
» Moving to Hungary, the impact on expat family life
Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to move your family abroad to Hungary.
» Alcohol: Hungary’s unrequited chemical love affair
With tons of alcohol and disproportionately little regard for moderation, Hungary has quite the interpersonal relationship with ethanol...
» Santa's travels in America and Hungary
Santa travels all over the world at Christmas time, but two places he goes that are quite different in manners and in how they receive him are America and Hungary--an expat knows the difference!
» Winter is a dream in Budapest
It's winter again and what better place than to be living in Budapest for the holidays. There are many festivities and ways in Hungary to celebrate the darker days of wintertime.
» Blues in the key of H
Musical notation from German-influenced countries -- including Hungary -- contains the weird key of "H". Where does it come from? Here's your answer, presented to you quicker than you can say "The Bach Code."
» The system changed the people not
Last week commemorated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, that momentus occasion which led to regime changes all across Eastern Europe. Or did it...?
» The AVH: One reason Hungarians hate cops
The AVH was the secret police force in Hungary during the communist era in the country. Scott Savoie takes a brief look at the jokes and ignominy that resulted from the AVH's presence. And hopefully he'll back tomorrow.
» Thanksgiving back in the old world
Adrift in a new country is exhilerating but sometimes leaving behind the familiar sights and sounds of childhood holidays like Thanksgiving is hard, here are a few ideas on how expats can still fit in the celebration without the days off.
» Hungarian is hard (and it's partially Ferenc Kazinczy’s fault)
Ferenc Kazinczy was a man of letters credited with simplifying and standardizing the Hungarian language; so how come it's still so difficult?
» Does not translate: Nagy Ő
"A nagy Ő": A storybook-like concept of the ultimate man, a breathtaking combination of Prince Charming and King Árpád about as real as the Easter Bunny.
» Korrupció
Corruption (a.k.a. "Korrupció") is a major social problem in Hungary, causing wariness of government, distrust of bureaucrats, and catharsis when reading certain Móricz Zsigmond novels.

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