Today is : Monday,25th May 2020

» Fidesz Cruises to Parliamentry Dominance
Hunglish summarizes the second round of Hungary's national parliamentary elections and speculates on what ruling party Fidesz and their "drawn arrow" may do now.
» Government regulation
Two items -- at least two -- need government regulation: Printer cartridges and mop handles.
» Thanks for saving the planet, but...
While bicycles and other vehicles without internal combustion engines may be great for the environment, they can certainly wreak havoc with pedestrian traffic on, say, Rákoczi út.
» Does not Translate: karalábé
Is that green thing Shrek or just a bit of karalábé...?
» Does Not Translate: Fast train
One of the problems with Hungarian railway company MÁV: A bizarre sort of user-unfriendliness in which the fast trains are not quite so fast...
» Election 2010: Fidesz cruises to victory
Hunglish assesses what happened in Hungary's national elections of 2010. In short, former Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is baaaaaaaa-ack!
» Does not translate: locsolni
On the "locsolni" tradition in Hungary, certainly one of the planet's more unique Eastertime traditions.
» Does Not Translate: Jaj!
Jaj: It's a simple, all-purpose monosyllable in Hungarian. But how do you translate it...?
» New party LMP moves flaccidly towards elections
There's a new political party in Hungary and with upcoming national elections, we can only wonder if LMP will be able to get it up for voter enthusiasm.
» One-minute Love Affair
Our writer just saw the perfect woman on the Budapest subway. Of course, this is a several-times-daily event in this city...
» Believing what you read
"When I try to think of the differences between the mentality of Hungarians and Americans, one thing that comes to mind is skepticism..."
» Does not Translate: Fast food
Einstein's famous equations imply that velocity is relative; nowhere else can this principle be better observed than in fast-food restaurants on either side of the Atlantic.
» The rise of the right
How poorly-regarded is the sitting government in Hungary? Poorly-regarded enough that the opposition doesn't even need a platform to campaign for this year's general election.
» March 15th
March 15th is a national holiday in Hungary, celebrating that day in which the country's revolt against Austrian rule began in 1848.
» Does not translate: kiskapu
How does one enter Budapest via car? Well, start looking for a "kiskapu"...
» Google translates
Our writer has some fun with Google translate, merrily mangling Hungarian on the way.
» A man and his cube
A brief musing on Ernő Rubik, inventor of that maddening and wonderful cube...
» Hungarians and the untidy yard
What's the difference between Austrian backyards and Hungarian backyards? Approximately the difference between "Golden Girls" and "Sanford and Son."
» Does not translate: M4
What does the proposed fourth subway line in Budapest have in common with the Hogwarts Express of Harry Potter lore? Read on!

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